Managed Services

Looking for an economical yet efficient way to manage and support your computer infrastructure and guarantee availability?

MYRA's expert team of managed services professionals love to provide reliable, robust infrastructure to meet your IT needs, all for a fixed monthly fee.

Are you looking for help to:

  • Tame a reactive and growing deployment of servers, storage and networks?
  • Find ways to standardize you infrastructure and realize cost efficiencies?
  • Allow you to focus on your business and leave the nuts and bolts of IT to someone else?

With a variety of service offerings meant to scale from small server installations, up to complex mission critical deployments, MYRA's managed services can take the IT infrastructure headache off your desk to allow you and your staff to focus on your business.

MYRA's Managed Services

  • Our collaborative approach ensures we are helping you win every day, relieving you of headaches and anticipating your business requirements in advance. Our teams come to work every day, looking for the opportunity to make life easier for our customers.
  • MYRA’s services are based on the ITIL® model: these can be integrated into your existing management structure or we can assist you in implementing process improvements as part of our service.
  • Our end to end TIMS services follow the full lifecycle of your infrastructure: acquisition, installation, configuration, maintenance, management and retirement.

Service Offerings


MYRA's managed services come in a variety of options:

  • TIMS– MYRA's Technical Infrastructure Management Services: managed services tuned to ensure the reliability, flexibility, and stability of your demanding needs
  • TIMS-Lite– MYRA's TIMS services, scoped for less demanding infrastructure needs
  • Cloud Computing – MYRA's TIMS and TIMS-Lite services, now available online!