Desktop Delivery

Desktop Delivery

As the portal to the business, desktops and applications are a critical leg upon which IT is built. The desktop ecosystem can be very large and complex, but with appropriate planning and tool selection, desktops can be freed from traditional constraints to deliver systems that users enjoy using, while maintaining central control and efficiencies.

Virtual Desktops

Traditional desktop management is both time consuming and expensive. It becomes painful to ensure that desktops are up to date, secure, configured correctly and performing acceptably. Desktop management and maintenance has been shown to increase the total cost of ownership (TCO) far beyond the actual price of a physical desktop.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) centralizes desktops, allowing them to be run from servers in the datacenter. Users connect to their desktop from a plethora of devices, always receiving the same, consistent experience. Unlike Terminal Services environments, VDI includes full desktop operating systems, allowing more flexibility in applications.

MYRA has experience implementing VDI solutions at the enterprise scale, and can offer solutions for business from 25 to 1,000+ seats. Contact us to receive information on solutions specific to your business.

Desktop Management

Gartner has stated that TCO of a desktop could be as much as 45% lower in a well-managed environment. Administrators usually spend time troubleshooting individual desktops rather than proactively managing them as a whole.

Traditional desktop management platforms are extensive, powerful tools that can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your service desk/desktop support staff. Imaging, provisioning, application packaging and delivery and asset management are the key functions of these platforms. When deployed appropriately, the management and deployment of workstations becomes a breeze. MYRA has experience with a variety of industry leading platforms, and can provide expertise with image deployment, systems design and implementation and business analysis services.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization has become an incredibly powerful, efficient tool for the deployment of applications in the enterprise. Traditional application virtualization has come a long way over the last decade. Application virtualization shines where enterprises require the distribution of applications efficiently (due to application management complexity), to users outside the enterprise, or where licenses constrain the delivery of apps to just a few users.

Applications can be delivered from a server, from a desktop, or as a standalone ‘package’ where the app does not interact with the host operating system. The major vendors in this space can deliver applications with several methods each, yet with some subtle and some substantial differences. In order to understand which method and which platform, one has to study the applications and needs of the business. With our breadth of multiple vendors, our consultants can ensure the appropriate solution is selected and deployed.