Migration Services

Migration Services

MYRA can help you define what your ‘to be’ state is, and help you get there when and how the business requires. Some of our more popular migrations include the services listed below.

Desktop Migration

MYRA has a proven track record of successfully deploying new desktop environments for organizations with hundreds of users, in some of the most complex IT environments imaginable.

Migrating to the latest version of an operating system can be a complex and time consuming task, one that can consume your time and overwhelm your resources. MYRA’s Desktop Migration services help facilitate a smooth migration process by including: 

  • Image deployment and management tools
  • Mobile device management
  • Virtual desktops and published applications
  • Active Directory
  • End user training
  • Project Management

Oracle Migration to RedHat

You need the power of Oracle integrated into your business processes, and you need the platform it runs on to be stable and reliable - that’s why you invested in your RISC/UNIX infrastructure in the first place.

However, as you have already come to realize…

”Running your mission critical Oracle database systems in a RISC/UNIX silo is expensive!”

What’s worse though is RISC/UNIX infrastructure is not only costly to maintain, it also requires a specific knowledge set, vendor lock-in, and on top of all that it isn’t even standardized with the rest of your data center.

Fortunately however, there are now options available that are not nearly as costly or difficult to maintain. Oracle 11g supports not only proprietary UNIX platforms, but also non-proprietary UNIX (Linux) platforms, the clear leader being Red Hat.

With the tremendous growth in the Linux support base, coupled with the ever increasing performance of x86 hardware, it is now possible to lower costs, rationalize your data center, consolidate capacity, and free yourself from vendor lock-in by migrating your RISC/UNIX Oracle platform to an x86/Linux platform.

Virtualization and Consolidation

Virtualization = Consolidation

Although the term “virtualization” is commonly used to refer to server virtualization, the truth is that today, almost every aspect of your infrastructure - from applications to storage - can benefit from virtualization.

MYRA’s award-winning virtualization methodology allows you to reap the benefits of virtualization by reducing costs and overhead, and by leveraging your existing infrastructure to increase the availability and reliability of your servers and services.

The benefits of virtualization are numerous, and include:

  • Reduced management overhead
  • A simplified sever environment
  • A streamlined Disaster Recover (DR) plan
  • Better ROI for capital expenditures
  • Improved segregation of services on the same hardware
  • Automation of changes and smoother upgrades

*MYRA maintains competency in all these areas of virtualization to ensure optimal efficiency and performance of your IT environment.