Storage & Data Management

Storage & Data Management

Data is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and many companies are struggling to keep up with demand. At the same time new technologies are entering the market rapidly.

MYRA can marry the best of what is new with our decades of experience to deliver the best storage or data management solution for your business.

Data Management

Every year, demand for storage and data volumes continually increase. In many cases budgets are not meeting the demand. Meanwhile businesses are using more video and other high-data consumption systems.

Through our Managed Services accounts, MYRA has developed a deep understanding of just how complex the whole area of data management has become. The only way to manage the ever increasing set of demands, while still meeting business requirements, is to carefully plan and manage data.

Services we offer to reduce your management overhead and make sure your data systems are in tip-top shape include:

  • Data Lifecycle Management Consulting
  • Storage Assessment
  • Data Archiving and Compliance Assessment
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Implementation
  • Database design and optimization

Engage our Technical Consultants and make sure no data gets left behind!

Backup and DR Assessment

Are you concerned about where your data is? Is it safe and secure? If you had a failure could you recover? If not, how would that affect your business? Do you wonder if there is a better way to run your backups?

As technology is constantly updated and added, your IT systems are changing. It’s time to make sure your backup and DR strategies have kept pace with the change.  A thorough review of your business requirements, a technical assessment and detailed report will allow you to make the changes required to provide the continuity your business requires.

Accurate and inclusive backups are the key to a successful backup and DR strategy. Upon completion, your backup and DR systems will meet the needs of both your IT department and your business service expectations today and into the future.

Storage Implementations

Are you facing an end of life storage array and looming budget issues? Have you implemented a new service that has drastically different storage needs from the rest of your production environment?

With the newer technologies on the market and increased competition, storage systems are getting faster and more economical than ever. At the same time devices are approaching ‘appliance’ status for management simplicity, which can enable disparate and best of breed storage implementations within a business, allowing the business to maximize efficiencies and provide capacity precisely where needed.

Our Technical Consultants have experience with countless storage implementations, and MYRA can provide technical and project resources to carefully plan and manage the implementation of any new storage array with a thorough methodology attention to detail.